“Apart Twelve Weeks, Together in Three” (with French translation and reading by Antoine Malette) from Ladonian Magnitudes.

Budapest Suites II (“There is a god here…”), “Will of the Wisp”, and “Green Wood” from Grand Gnostic Central in German translation with the English-language originals.

A generous sampler of five parts from March End Prill—Soul inanimate”, “Epigone”, “Lift the flame”, “printed matterz sighLent”, and “I know”.

Com’n’ home th’other afternoon” from Ladonian Magnitudes .

“At Red River’s Edge”, “Two”, “Budapest Suites II”, and “Tonight, the world…” from Grand Gnostic Central on-line at Montreal Serai.

Reading Dudek’s The Caged Tiger.

“Budapest Suites I”, “Á Quebec”, “Bochum”, and from “Home to Argo” here

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